How the 80/20 Principle can change how you clean, work, and live! PART 1

How the 80/20 Principle can change how you clean, work, and live! PART 1

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of things to do today? We’ve all had To-Do lists that span multiple pages and end up in the garbage. Sometimes we finish a ton of tasks and by the end of the day, we don’t feel like anything’s actually been accomplished.

The 80/20 Principle, popularized by organization and lifestyle bloggers, creates a system for getting MORE done, with LESS work. The video below gives a brief explanation.

Sounds great right? Now we need to actually apply it, in this mini-series, we talk to homeowners and find out their biggest problems, apply the 80/20 principle and see the result! Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter as each installment of the series comes out, and feel free to submit your own challenges in the comments!

Help! We’re renting our place and the bathroom is a nightmare!

This is one of the most common complaints we hear from homeowners, whether its budget, schedule, or renting, they just don’t have the means to tear down the bathroom and build it back up in their vision… but let’s apply the 80/20 principle. 20% of the bathroom changes can make 80% of the difference right?

List out your 10 biggest complaints with the bathroom, circle the 3 most important and take whatever means necessary to solve them! This strategy can create a low-cost solution for the bathroom that can be done in a weekend! Here’s 3 areas we found to create the biggest difference in the shortest amount of time.

#1. Frustrated with lighting?


The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house, serving the purpose of the morning rush, as well as a relaxing spa night, the lighting needs to be flexible enough to do both. Sounds like a small change that makes a huge difference!

Large, warm overhead lighting with a slider allows you to brighten the space to wake you up as you get out of bed, or dim the lights with a good book in the tub. Lighting up the vanity can create life around one of the biggest pieces in the room.

#2. Before you tear the room down, try changing a few accessories!

One of the easiest to implement solutions is to order and install a few key bathroom accessories that allow you to create a themed space that is modern and inspiring. Worried the landlord won’t let you replace the current models? Just ask! Many are more than open for you replacing the current fixtures as long as you keep the old ones.

People underestimate the impact of a gorgeous towel bar, or a matching set but the strong metallic tones can completely upgrade a space. Consider replacing things such as waste baskets, toilet brushes, paper rolls, or shelving. Imagine not having to hide the cheap plastic toilet brush when guests come over! Once again a 20% change that can make 80% of the difference.

#3. Can’t paint the place? Work your weakness with great color combinations!

While you may not have the means to paint the room, that doesn’t mean you have to settle with a tacky space! Using great color combinations and a changing a few key pieces, you can completely re-inspire the room without the clothes staining or temporary wallpaper!

First, consider using a color wheel to find the color contrasts of your wallpaper/room. Many apps online allow you to select multiple colors and quickly generate a scheme you can apply to the room. Find our favorite here:

Once you understand the color plan for the room, try changing things such as towels, shower curtains, waste baskets or wall décor! These take up more space than you think, and can be the eye catching pieces that tie the room together!

How do you 80/20?

Next week we look at an AirBNB owner whose cleanup routine needs some work. We break it down and look at the few cleaning tasks that do the most! Make sure to subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of the page if you want tips not mentioned on the site. And make sure to let us know in the comments problems you plan to tackle with this new principle!

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